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Sick of Silos? Git busy and create cross-functional teams by launching open source programs in your organization

Shilla Saebi    David Grizzanti   

Sharing is caring and working together will always produce a better, faster result than any one person working in a silo. To work together collaboratively, groups must be transparent and share their ideas, insights, suggestions, and failures.

Learn about the open and inner source programs we launched to promote a more collaborative culture:

  • Inner source Program
  • Open Source Ambassador Program
  • Open Source Fellowship Pilot

The Open Source Program Office at Comcast encourages teams to work together and foster cross collaboration throughout the company. One particular initiative, the recently launched Open Source Fellowship Pilot program, gives developers 20% dedicated time to contribute to an open source project.

We’ll cover the successes and failures of this program and also hear from a developer within the program itself about their experiences and lessons learned.