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October 13 - 15



Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Lee Faus   

So you are thinking about going out on your own and building the next big thing but you don’t know where to start. This session will look at some major companies that built their foundation on open source as a core to delivering exceptional customer and community value. We will walk through some sample architectures of applications from SaaS solutions like GitHub to multi-product companies like Red Hat and evaluate if there are any patterns that emerge where you can reuse patterns for success. We will look at the different business models of these companies and different sales techniques that you can put into your business plans as you start the path towards funding. We will also discuss what it means to contribute back to open source software and what is that fine line between giving away your competitive value versus selling a competing story. If you have ever wanted a crash course on designing a business around open source software or you are working for a large enterprise and want to leverage open source in your next big idea, this session is for you.