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October 13 - 15


Linux / Infrastructure

Terminal Velocity: Work faster in your shell

Christopher Waldon   

Your ability to do things well depends directly on how quickly you get feedback when you make mistakes. The original UNIX shell had little mercy when you forgot flags or a file’s path midway through typing a command, but a new wave of shell utilities have stepped up to fill the gap. An amazing UX for 1970, the shell experience hasn’t improved much as we have come to better understand how humans think and what makes us efficient. Modern web browsers make writing complex URLs an easy experience through the power of fuzzy matching and intuitive defaults. We’ve learned to build software that warns us before making mistakes and adapts to the way that we use it. Why not bring those concepts back to the shell? This talk will explore a set of open source utilities that will stagger you with how much faster and more intuitive your shell can be.