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The Value of Old People in Technology

James Schweitzer   

Nearly 56% of workers in IT will be involuntarily forced to change jobs after the age of 50. Many will get new positions at 50% of previous pay. 37% of workers will be forced into retirement before they are ready, straining budgets and making retirement less secure.

The key take away is there is a bias against older workers in tech. They are more expensive, but in general are worth the extra cost. Workers over 50 take fewer sick days than 18-30 year olds. Workers over 50 in technology have changed focus every three to five years. They have proven ability to take on new technology and integrate it into their skill set.

While there is clear evidence that older workers face bias in the workplace, based on assumptions that they are inflexible, expensive and behind the times. Statistics actually show extensive and proven flexibility, cost for performance ratios that are favorable, and proven ability to stay up to date with new skill sets.