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October 13 - 15



Turn Up The Fun (Gamifying Education)

Veethika Mishra   

Through games, students get to live the narrative as one of their own. The immersion helps the students to retain the knowledge for a much longer time compared to conventional methods. Using the power of basic game design methodologies, powered by CC licenses, educators could come up with activities that students would crave to be a part of.

The session would touch upon the following points:

  • Setting up the game premises
  • Introducing the characters
  • Deciding on the mechanics and gameplay
  • Balancing the actions
  • Double check for the retention of motives
  • D&I testing
  • Accessibility and share-ability testing
  • Choosing the right license

The session would be undoubtedly highly resourceful for innovative educators and will empower them to make their artifacts reach a very wide audience, game designers could learn how to use CC licences and put up a better community for playtest, feedback and resource generation for their own games.