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October 13 - 15



Your Company Cares About Open Source Sustainability, But Are You Measuring and Encouraging Upstream Contributions?

Dani Gellis   

You will encourage the behavior that you measure. If you want your company to be involved in sustaining the open source projects you depend on, you need to start by measuring how your employees are participating in those projects.

How many of your engineers are contributing to projects your company consumes? Are they only opening issues, or are they contributing code? Are they part of the conversation? Are your non-engineers also involved in the open source community?

In this talk, I will demonstrate how we use open source tools to measure the velocity of open source contributions made by our employees, and how we decided on these tools. I will talk about the tools we used early on to get some quick, easy information, and how our tooling has evolved as our OSPO has grown. I will also talk about some exciting initiatives we’re running to promote sustainable contributions, show the dashboards we built for contributors, and talk about the effects of these efforts.

You will leave with a better understanding of how you can measure and improve the velocity of contributions to the open source projects on which you depend.