The Root Shell – Streamcasting Live From ATO

If you’re interested in Linux and Unix fundamentals, and we know the majority of our attendees are, you’re going to love the fact that Spencer Krum will be broadcasting live from the conference this year.

Spencer, the host of The Root Shell, will be interviewing an all-star lineup of guests about all sorts of tech/floss topics for about 25 minutes and broadcasting everything to

So, if you see Spencer sitting at his booth with a microphone and two cameras be sure to stop by and say hello.

The amazing guest lineup:

Monday, October 23

12:30 Heidi Waterhouse
1:00 Gareth Greenway
1:30 Brian MacDonald
2:00 Jason Yee
2:30 Deb Nicholson
3:00 Julien Pivotto
3:30 Sahdev Zala
4:00 Jake Kitchener
4:30 John SJ Anderson
5:00 Chuck Bridgham & OL Dev team

Tuesday, October 24

12:00 Patrick Masson
12:30 VM (Vicky) Brasseur
1:00 Elizabeth K Joseph
1:30 Danese Cooper
2:00 Shane Curcuru
2:30 Sriram Ramkrishna
3:00 Benno Rice
3:30 Ruth Holloway
4:00 Dan Berg
4:30 Louise Corrigan

About The Root Shell

A streamcast about Linux and Unix fundamentals. Examples include: the command line, package managers, scripting, installing and configuring services, networking basics, and version control.