Fourth Round of 2015 Speakers Announced!

With just under 9 weeks to go before All Things Open 2015, we’re extremely excited to announce 16 more world-class experts have joined the lineup. These speakers come from all over the U.S. and have very different focus areas, but they are some of the absolute best at what they do. We couldn’t be happier to host them for two glorious days in October.

Just-added speakers include:

  • Michael Laing – Systems Architect at the New York Times, former principal advisor to the CIO at the United Nations, and noted expert on messaging systems of all types, including RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, Kafka, and others.
  • Sarah Kahn – UX generalist at Saffron Technology and a co-leader of Girl Develop It RDU. She is an alum and loves open source, teaching, and recruiting people to the world of technology.
  • Hans Buwalda – CTO at LogiGear. He was a pioneer of the keyword approach to testing and automation, now widely used throughout the industry. He is a frequent speaker and is lead author of Integrated Test Design and Automation.
  • Chris Hoge – Interop Engineer for the OpenStack Foundation. He previously worked as an OpenStack community manager and developer at Puppet
  • Peter Zaitzev – CEO & Co-founder of Percona. Author of the popular book High Performance MySQL from O’Reilly Media.
  • Lorelei Mccollum – Software Engineer at IBM, serves as the Verse Test Architect. Extensive experience with testing and automation.
  • Cyrus Wadia – Associate General Counsel, Strategic IP at Pivotal Software, Inc. Cyrus is the lead intellectual property attorney for Pivotal Software.
  • Jason Krol – Full Stack Javascript developer currently working at creating video streaming apps for video game consoles and set-top boxes. He is the author of 2 books on full stack Javascript development.
  • Michael Lintorn Catlin – Co-founder of Wordset and a front end developer, focused on making interfaces that are beautiful, easy to use, and well-crafted.
  • Kevin Hennessy – Senior Software Engineer at Applied Information Sciences. A regular speaker throughout the Southeast U.S. on a variety of topics as well as noted author.
  • Bryan Powell – Founder of Metabahn and the author of multiple open source tools for the web.
  • Jakub Jedryszek – Software Engineer at Microsoft, works on the Azure Portal. Co-organizer of the dotNetConfPL, an online conference for .NET developers.
  • Terrell Russell – Senior Data Scientist at RENCI, iRODS Consortium.
  • Gavin Roy – VP of Architecture at Aweber Communications. Gavin is a noted author for Manning Publications.
  • Gunnar Wagenknecht – Director of Engineering at Tasktop Technologies. He’s a prolific contributor to the Eclipse open source community and has led development of a world-wide e-commerce platform serving millions of transactions per day.
  • Max Mether – Co–founder at MariaDB. Max is a frequent speaker around the world and has developed training programs and curriculums for many years.