Third Round of 2015 Speakers Announced

The third official round of 2015 All Things Open speakers has officially been announced. And in what might sound like a broken record, the lineup just keeps getting better.

This round includes some of the most well known people in the industry, as well as some that will be soon. They’re from big companies you’ve heard of, and from companies you probably haven’t. At the very least, all are doing some really cool things that attendees are going to want to hear about.

Drumroll please…..

  • Joshua McKenty – Serves as CTO of Cloud Foundry at Pivotal. He’s also a co–founder of OpenStack and founding Chief Architect of NASA’s Nebula, the federal government’s first cloud computing platform.
  • Theresa Neil – Theresa is an international design expert based in Austin, Texas. In 2013, she was named one of the top 75 designers in technology by Business Insider, coming in at 28th. Since 2001, she has led the design for more than 100 live products, from local start ups to multi-national non-profits.
  • Jono Bacon – Jono is a leading community manager, speaker, author, and podcaster. He currently works as Senior Director of Community at the XPRIZE Foundation. He was formerly the Ubuntu Community Manager at Canonical, is the author of the critically-acclaimed “The Art of Community”, a columnist for Forbes and, founder of the Community Leadership Summit, and co-founder of the Bad Voltage and LugRadio podcasts.
  • Susan Wu – Director of Technical Marketing at Midokura. She is a frequent speaker all over the world and has been recognized as one of the top women in cloud. She serves on the CloudNOW board of directors, and is passionate about advancing womens’ contributions to the cloud industry.
  • Tom Nadeau – A Distinguished Engineer at Brocade. Tom is an O’Reilly author and recently wrote the book on SDN titled “SDN: Software Defined Networks, An Authoritative Review of Network Programmability Technologies”.
  • Andrew Oliver – Andrew is the president and founder of Mammoth Data, the leader in big data consulting. He is a well-known data expert and is consistently featured at conferences and in publications around the country.
  • Torkel Ödegaard – Creator of Grafana, the leading front end for time series databases, and co-founder of Raintank.
  • Thomas Cameron – Thomas is the Chief Architect for the central US at Red Hat. He has been in the information technology industry since 1993 and holds more certifications than is possible to list here.
  • Jeff Dickey – Command Line Interface Developer at Heroku, Jeff is the author of “Write Modern Web Apps with the MEAN Stack”.
  • Gina Likins – University Outreach, Open Source & Standards @ Red Hat, Gina has been participating in online communities for more than 25 years.
  • Sergey Razin – Serves as CTO of SIOS Technology Corp and is a noted authority in advanced analytics and machine learning. He’s started and contributed to numerous open source projects over the last 15 years, too many to list here
  • Eric Mizell – Director of Solutions Engineering at Hortonworks, Eric has 20+ years of Network, Software and Solution Engineering woking with hundreds of companies.
  • Klaatu Einzelganger – Klaatu maintains the Slackermedia website and hosts the GNU World Order
    podcast. He lives and works in New Zealand, in the visual effects field on movies including The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Godzilla, and many more.
  • Russell Pavlicek – the Xen Project Evangelist at Citrix, he has had more than 150 pieces published, including columns for Infoworld and Processor magazines and one book. He has spoken at over 75 Open Source conferences and was a former panelist on The Linux Show weekly webcast.
  • Mark Lavin – Serves as the Technical Director at Caktus Group, the largest US Django firm. Mark co-authored “Lightweight Django” (O’Reilly), a web application development book on integrating complex client-side interactions and real-time features. You can also often find him contributing to the Django project or answering questions on StackOverflow
  • Jim Salter – Ars Technica feature author, Co-founder of Openoid and long time professional sys admin and open source consultant
  • Ginny Ghezzo – Serves as a Program Director at IBM on a world wide team.  She’s worked in and led communities and organizations for many years.
  • Roman Shaposhnik – Serves as the Director of Open Source at Pivotal Inc. He is a member of Apache Software Foundation, committer on Apache Hadoop, founder of Apache Bigtop and, as of late, a man behind Open Data Platform Initiative curtain
  • Adrian Pomilio – Is a UI Architect at Teradata and speaks at conferences all over the U.S.  He’s been designing and developing web applications since 1997.
  • Jeff Sloyer – Serves a Developer Advocate @ IBM and works as a Node.JS developer. Speaks at events all over the U.S.