Thursday Lightning Talks – Hosted by

We’re extremely proud to announce will again host Lightning Talks on Thursday, October 27 on the main stage.

The purpose of the session is to give speakers 5 minutes on an open topic they are passionate about. This is always one of the most popular events at the conference – interest and attendance is tremendous.

Lightning Talks will begin at 12:30 pm EST on the main stage on the 4th floor, Ballrooms A & B.

The 2016 line-up:

Welcome from, Jason Hibbets | @jhibbets, Rikki Endsley | @rikkiends

Lightning talk #1 – How Bitcoin’s Blockchain Changes Everything – Eric Martindale | @martindale

Lightning talk #2 – Solving the Free Rider Problem in Open Source – Chad Whitaker | @whit537

Lightning talk #3 – The Power of Upstream First – Thomas Cameron | @thomasdcameron

Lightning talk #4 – 25 Years of Linux in 5 Minutes – Jeremy Garcia | @linuxquestions

Lightning talk #5 – My Phoenix Project by Unrealgenekim (aka @burrsutter) – Burr Sutter | @burrsutter

Lightning talk #6 – Raspberry Pi for everyone! – Ben Nuttall | @ben_nuttall

Lightning talk #7 – Getting to Know Gluster in 5 minutes – Amye Scardarva | @amye

Lightning talk #8 – Kubernetes Cluster Federation – Kelsey Hightower | @kelseyhightower

Closing – Rikki Endsley

Official event description:

Join the community for 8 lightning talks you won’t want to miss. Speakers have 5 minutes to enlighten the audience with a burst of information about an open source topic they are passionate about. We’ve got everything from DevOps to Raspberry Pi, Blockchain to Kubernetes, and much more! Grab your lunch, find a seat in the main ballroom, and get ready for the fastest hour at All Things Open 2016.

Point of contact: Jason Hibbets – [email protected]