Top Media Outlets and Foundations to be Onsite and Providing Coverage

There are certain media outlets and open source organizations that push things forward and literally “create” the space.

We’re very fortunate that many of them have been friends and partners from the beginning, and many will be onsite providing coverage and providing the education they’re so well known for.

Be sure to stop by one of the many media and foundation tables and meet the people creating the open source ecosystem we all call home.

Just a few exhibiting at the conference include:

Apress Publishing – Booth #3
Apache Software Foundation – Booth #5
Linux Foundation – Booth #21
Electronic Frontier Foundation – Booth #43
Software Freedom Conservancy – Booth #46
GNOME – Booth #48
Free Software Foundation – Booth #57
The Cloudcast – Booth #60
The New Stack – Booth #61
FLOSS Weekly – Booth #62
Open Source Initiative – Booth #63
Symphony Foundation – Booth #66