We Were Renewed As A Certified B Corporation

Of all the announcements we make and things we do, the fact we were recently renewed as a Certified B Corporation is at the top of the “importance” list, at least to us.

Why is this so important?

First, in order to maintain certification, companies must undertake the assessment and verification process every three years, demonstrating they are still meeting B Lab’s standards —which are themselves always improving, with continual input from expert stakeholders. So, renewal is not automatic or assumed in any way.

Second, we’re proud of what certification renewal means. In short, we had to demonstrate a continued commitment to things we deeply believe in, like considering the interests of all stakeholders in business operations: workers, customers, communities, and the environment. To have B Lab agree we met the required threshold verifies our stakeholder’s interests are being taken into consideration, and not just the bottom line. That means a lot to us. Yes, we have to survive and pay bills, but caring for and treating others with respect is much more important.

Finally, we set out years ago to do business differently and use business “as a force for good”. And in all honesty success was not guaranteed. Many said it wasn’t possible to survive operating in this way, We’re thrilled to still be operating 10 years later with the same mindset and approach, and to do it while becoming a Certified B Corporation, and then being renewed, is pretty darn cool and something we’re extremely proud of.

Want to know more about our Certified B Corp journey? Contact us at info@allthingsopen.org.

You can learn more about B Lab and the mission here and becoming a Certified B Corporation here.