Website Refresh For 2017: What’s that all about?

Those familiar with All Things Open and our past events will notice something a little different about the website this year.

While the design of the 2016 website was extremely well received and well liked we wanted to freshen up the look and feel of the 2017 version.

Anyone that has ever taken on a year-over-year design revision will know there’s a fine line between a complete overhaul and just enough change to make it feel fresh and new, while keeping core content and a sense of familiarity and trust the same.

Perhaps the biggest change we made involved the event logo – we updated it to be bolder and stronger, so it works well as a stand-alone image on the web or in print. We also changed the above-the-fold header on the homepage to a solid red background with bold white text overlay. In addition, we changed fonts as well as multiple core design elements like circles and background imagery. We will note that astro remains the central image on the homepage, to serve as the glue connecting 2016 to 2017 and hopefully maintaining that sense of familiarity and trust.

While we would like to take credit for the work performed (we love it!) the team at Smashing Boxes are the true heroes. Brandon Mathis and his incredible colleagues once again proved they are as world-class as the incredible speakers we host every year at the event. They were easy to work with and again, true professionals at their craft.

We sincerely hope our community likes the new website and we would love to know your opinion. Contact us at [email protected] with comments.