OCTOBER 23 - 24, 2017
Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, NC

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Why Attend

Download the Why Attend PDF to convince your boss to let you attend All Things Open!

1. Speakers and content

We will once again feature some of the most well known experts in the world, as well as introduce you to some new faces you’ll be hearing about for years into the future. The lineup at All Things Open is second-to- none.

2. Educational value

We take great pride in featuring topics and technologies that will help attendees become better at what they do as well as better members of the community. We want people to learn a great deal, and we structure sessions and choose speakers accordingly.

3. Access + Value

We regularly challenge people to find a better deal and more value from a conference anywhere – and we are still waiting to receive a response that convinces us there is one. We try extremely hard to deliver amazing value and enable access to nearly everyone.

4. Diversity is central

We understand the value of diversity and strive to ensure the event reflects it. Attendees are guaranteed to sit beside of, interact with, and hear from people from different backgrounds and perspectives. The result is a multi-faceted educational experience, and it’s awesome.

5. This is our 5th year

While guaranteed not to be the “perfect” conference in any way, we’ve learned valuable lessons over the first three years that we feel will result in a good experience for everyone. We’ve been doing this for nearly 10 years overall and have made a lot of mistakes. Our attendees will benefit from those lessons learned.

6. Face-to-face is more important now than ever before

People that have attended our events in the past have heard us state this over and over. However, we feel it is so important it bears repeating. There is tremendous value in meeting people face-to-face and attending sessions in-person, even more so now that technology makes remote communication possible and ever more prevalent. There are simply things you can’t learn and pick up on a Skype call, or via Basecamp or #Slack.