Workshops & Extended Sessions at All Things Open 2017

Based on post-event 2016 survey feedback it was made clear attendees wanted a few more extended sessions offered in 2017 to allow a deeper dive on select topics.

We’ve made every effort to respond to that request by scheduling more than ever before over both days. Each session is being led by industry experts and address topics many have requested.

Workshops and extended sessions being offered in 2017 include:

Monday, October 23

301A – Workshops/Extended Sessions

Starting at 10:30 am ET

Container Camp: An introductory look at containers, what they are, and how to run them in the Microsoft cloud – Ian Philpot, Microsoft

301A – Workshops/Extended Sessions

Starting at 3:30 pm ET

Turning Your Open Source Project Into a Product – John Mark Walker & Stephen Walli

DevOps – Ballroom A, 4th floor

Starting at 1:30 pm ET

Introduction to KubernetesRyan Jarvinen, CoreOS

Tuesday, October 24

Workshops/Extended Sessions room – 3rd floor Glass office space

Starting at 11:15 am ET

Innersource 101 WorkshopDanese Cooper & Duane O’Brien, PayPal

306-B – Front-End Engineering room

Starting at 1:15 pm ET

Nativescript 101: Building native mobile applications using web technologiesMark Halpin, SAS

302 C – Big Data

Starting at 11:15 am ET

Building Streaming Data Pipelines with Apache KafkaIan Wrigley, Confluent

204 – Education

Starting at 1:15 pm ET

FLOSS Desktops for KidsPatrick MassonMadeline Hagen, Kristopher Navratil, Dr. Michele McColgan