OCTOBER 23 - 24, 2017
Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, NC

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Website Refresh For 2017: What’s that all about?

Those familiar with All Things Open and our past events will notice something a little different about the website this year. While the design of the 2016 website was extremely well received and well liked we wanted to freshen up the look and feel of the 2017 version. Anyone that has ever taken on a … Continued

Come See All Things Open at CLS 2017!

The All Things Open team has been traveling all over the country this spring in an effort to support other events. It’s something we strongly believe in and try to do at every opportunity. However, there’s one coming up in about month that deserves special mention. We’re very proud to say we’ll not only be … Continued

Our Position And An Update Regarding HB2

In the interest of providing an ongoing update regarding our position on HB2, as we promised last year, we’d like to take a minute and inform our community of where we stand. We are very proud to say we continue to work with everyone possible in Raleigh to ensure a safe environment for the 2017 … Continued

Announcing Speaker Support “Office Hours”

All Things Open is interested in promoting new voices and helping newer speakers get in front of our friendly audience. Whether you want help with your first proposal, or guidance tailoring a talk to the All Things Open audience, we invite you to join us for Office Hours. We’ve scheduled three timeslots where friendly volunteers … Continued

Spring 2017 Events – Come out and say hello!

As we work hard to prepare for the 5th annual All Things Open in October, we’re also taking time to attend and support other community events around the southeast and the U.S. this spring. We encourage everyone to join us if your schedule permits, and be sure to stop by and say hello! We’ll have … Continued

2017 All Things Open Call for Speakers Now Open!

The Call for Speakers for All Things Open 2017 is now officially open. It will remain open through Tuesday, March 28 to allow anyone interested ample time to prepare and submit one or multiple talks for consideration. The selection committee is seeking submissions from established technologists with many years of experience, technologists and community members … Continued

Open Source 101 coming Saturday, February 4 – a new one-day event

We’re very excited to announce a new one-day event we’re hosting on Saturday, February 4, in Raleigh, NC at The McKimmon Conference Center at NC State University: Open Source 101. Open Source 101 will focus on the processes and tools that form the foundation of open source, with the goal of providing every attendee a … Continued

2016 Event Pictures – New License

We are very pleased to announce we’ve changed the license for 2016 event pictures released a little more than a week ago. We received some fantastic feedback and agree the Attribution-Share Alike license is most appropriate for general images. You will see the new license reflected on our Flickr account. Also, we are more than … Continued

Socials and After-Hour Events Announced

As we’ve said many times, Skype and instant messaging are wonderful ways to communicate, but there is no substitute for face-to-face communication and meeting new people. After all, why just read a book or blog post when you can meet the people writing them? Networking opportunities and other social events are vital to the development … Continued